July 23, 2021

New Polling Shows North Carolina Voters Oppose Elimination of the Corporate Income Tax

Poll reveals extent of disproportionate pandemic impact on Black communities; reveals voters desire for investment over tax cuts

A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) with collaboration and input from the North Carolina Budget & Tax Center shows North Carolina voters are strongly opposed to eliminating taxes for corporations doing business in North Carolina.  Two-thirds of North Carolinians oppose the elimination of the corporate income tax, while only 17 percent support.

The new poll findings align with and build upon previous research that showed the deep concerns North Carolinians held on economic issues, even before the pandemic, and strong desire for progressive policy solutions. 

When asked about priorities for North Carolina, voters overwhelmingly—by a greater than 2-1 margin—want investment over tax cuts in the wake of COVID-19. 

  • 54 percent of voters agree that “state government in North Carolina should invest more in the state and its residents, ensuring they are safe, healthy, and economically secure, even if it means the wealthy and large corporations have to contribute more in taxes.”  
  • Only 20 percent of voters agreed that “state government in North Carolina should keep taxes low on the wealthy and large corporations, even if it means less funding for education, infrastructure, and healthcare coverage.  
  • Support for investment was even greater in the rural (56 percent) and Black (67 percent) communities.

The research also highlights the inequitable impact that the pandemic had on North Carolinians.  The Black community fell behind on rent and mortgage payments at nearly double the rate of the overall North Carolina population, but have not yet received a proportional amount of the targeted assistance.  Overall, results show Black communities have been hit much harder by the pandemic.

  • North Carolinians who fell behind on rent or mortgage:
    • Overall—12 percent
    • Black— 22 percent
    • Rural—12 percent
  • North Carolinians who received rental support:
    • Overall-- 4 percent
    • Black-- 5 percent
    • Rural-- 5 percent
  • North Carolinians who lost jobs or had hours cut:
    • Overall—28 percent
    • Black—36 percent
    • Rural—28 percent
  • North Carolinians who now receive food assistance from food pantries or SNAP:
    • Overall— 17 percent
    • Black— 33 percent
    • Rural— 19 percent

Click here to see the poll memo on corporate tax cuts and here for the toplines.


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