SiX Expands Reproductive Rights Team

September 4, 2019

As abortion restrictions in state legislatures ramp up across the country, the SiX Reproductive Rights team is expanding.  Three new staff members join Kelly Baden, Director of Reproductive Rights, and Sophia Kerby, Deputy Director of Reproductive Rights, and will grow the power of the Reproductive Rights team to provide state lawmakers the support they need to advance reproductive freedom. 

SiX welcomes:

Eme Crawford, Associate Director of Communications, Reproductive Rights


Eme joins SiX to lead the reproductive rights communications work, including partnering with national and state partners and working to advance SiX’s narrative and amplify legislators in the press. Eme is based in Columbia, South Carolina, and has spent the last few years as the Director of Communications and Learning for the Women’s Rights Empowerment Network (WREN). Contact Eme if you need support on messaging, talking points, or press opportunities.

Fran Linkin, Associate Director of Research, Reproductive Rights


Fran joins SiX to establish a program connecting legislators in hostile states to local and regional clinical, public health, and social science family planning researchers to ensure legislators have the tools they need to fight abortion restrictions using sound science. Fran originated the roles of Manager of Policy and Advocacy Research and Senior Manager of Research, U.S., at the Center for Reproductive Rights. She is based in New York City. Contact Fran if you are seeking data and research on a specific reproductive health issue.

Jasmen Rogers-Shaw, Senior Associate of Reproductive Rights


Jasmen is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and most recently served as the Staff and Policy Director at the Miami Workers Center, where she spent the last few years building statewide coalitions to amplifying the political power of Black women through storytelling, organizing, and legislation. Jasmen will be working to support and cultivate RFLC legislators around the country. Contact Jasmen if you're interested in having the RFLC host an educational briefing or training in your state.

SiX’s growing reproductive rights team will catalyze the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council, a cohort of hundreds of legislators from around the country who endorse a Vision and Values Platform and receive access to invitation-only skills-building events, trainings, and media opportunities.  The RFLC equips state legislators with skills-building, information-sharing, media positioning, technical assistance, and in-person trainings.

Since launching in January 2018, the RFLC has 

  • Grown to 385 legislators; 
  • Convened and trained state legislators at SiX’s annual conference, numerous  in-state trainings, and on webinars on the latest research and messaging and storytelling recommendations; 
  • Created opportunities for members to join together in sign-on statements, including opposing the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh and pledging to advance state abortion rights;
  • Supported state legislators on writing and placing op-eds and letters to the editor; and
  • Created a resource hub for RFLC members with information and Roe-related resources from coalition partners and SiX.

State legislators looking to join the RFLC can click here and unlock access to:

  • Cutting edge research and messaging recommendations;
  • Support on rapid response communications;
  • Amplification of your voice through digital campaigns; and
  • Policy technical assistance and access to a bank of resources.

Follow @SiXRepro on Twitter to keep up with the team and follow state action on reproductive rights. 

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