Statement from the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council on the future of Roe v. Wade and Judge Brett Kavanaugh

August 8, 2018

The reality is chilling: if conservatives have their way, the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision could be overturned and the legal status of abortion could be decided state by state, leaving millions of women to cross state lines in order to access legal abortion care. The risk of the Supreme Court of the United States taking us backwards by 45 years is more real than ever.

As state legislators, we recognize the extraordinary stakes of this generation-defining moment and we pledge to do everything we can to protect Roe v. Wade and legal abortion. We stand for reproductive freedom and we envision a nation in which each of us can make our own decisions about our reproductive health, pregnancy, and parenting, free from political interference. Therefore, we stand against the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court and for a new era in state-based efforts to champion policies that support meaningful access to reproductive health care. 

With more than 400 new abortion restrictions passed in states in the last eight years, many women already experience what it is like when abortion is technically legal but needlessly difficult and stigmatizing to get. It’s clear opponents of women’s health have been preparing for this moment for decades. Right now there are 12 abortion cases moving through the federal court system that could come before the Supreme Court, and at least 20 states are poised to immediately seek to ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

But as state legislators and members of the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council, we strive to lead our colleagues into an era when, instead of standing by while new policies are enacted each year that restrict reproductive rights and health, we instead advance meaningful solutions to the health care needs, economic inequalities, and other challenges our constituents face. It’s not enough to oppose a Supreme Court nominee who could gut the right to abortion at the federal level; we must exercise leadership as state legislators to do our critical part in creating a world where people can exercise reproductive freedom.

Public support for the Roe v. Wade decision is higher than ever, and transcends political parties. But more important than polling data is what we know to be true: elected officials must uphold the sacred duty of public office by honoring our charge to act for a better future. We pledge to use our platforms as state legislators to advance the reproductive health care needs of the people we serve and to work with our communities to improve our state policies to protect and advance abortion rights and access.



Representative Patricia Todd Alabama
Representative Geran Tarr Alaska
Representative Wenona Benally Arizona
Representative Isela Blanc Arizona
Senator Andrea Dalessandro Arizona
Representative Rosanna Gabaldon Arizona
Representative Daniel Hernandez Arizona
Senator Juan Mendez Arizona
Representative Athena Salman Arizona
Senator Joyce Elliott Arkansas
Representative Vivian Flowers Arkansas
Assemblyman David Chiu California
Assemblymember Laura Friedman California
Majority Leader KC Becker Colorado
Speaker Pro Tempore Jessie Danielson Colorado
Representative Daneya Esgar Colorado
Senator Steve Fenberg Colorado
Senator Rhonda Fields Colorado
Representative Joann Ginal Colorado
Representative Chris Hansen Colorado
Representative Leslie Herod Colorado
Representative Edie Hooton Colorado
Representative Pete Lee Colorado
Representative Susan Lontine Colorado
Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet Colorado
Representative Brittany Pettersen Colorado
Representative Joseph Salazar Colorado
Represenative Mike Weissman Colorado
Representative Dave Young Colorado
Senator Irene Aguilar Colorado
Senator Lois Court Colorado
Representative Mike  Foote Colorado
Representative Dominique Jackson Colorado
Senator Daniel Kagan Colorado
Representative Barbara McLachlan Colorado
Majority Leader Bob Duff Connecticut
Representative Josh Elliott Connecticut
Senator Mae Flexer Connecticut
Representative Gregory Haddad Connecticut
Representative Susan Johnson Connecticut
Representative Roland Lemar Connecticut
Representative Matt Lesser Connecticut
Senator Marilyn Moore Connecticut
Senator Gayle Slossberg Connecticut
Representative Edwin Vargas Connecticut
Representative Paul Baumbach Delaware
Senator Lori Berman Florida
Senator Gloria Butler Georgia
Representative Park Cannon Georgia
Representative Pat Gardner Georgia
Representative Deborah Gonzalez Georgia
Representative Sheila Jones Georgia
Representative Dar'shun Kendrick Georgia
Representative Bee Nguyen Georgia
Senator Nan Orrock Georgia
Representative Kim Schofield Georgia
Representative Renitta Shannon Georgia
Senator Curt Thompson Georgia
Senator Nikema Williams Georgia
Representative Della Au Belatti Hawaii
Senator Rosalyn Baker Hawaii
Senator Donna Mercado Kim Hawaii
Representative Roy Takumi Hawaii
Representative Phylis King Idaho
Representative Carol Ammons Illinois
Senator Omar Aquino Illinois
Senator Daniel Biss Illinois
Representative Kelly Cassidy Illinois
Representative Scott Drury Illinois
Representative Sara Feigenholtz Illinois
Representative Laura Fine Illinois
Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie Illinois
Representative Robyn Gabel Illinois
Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth Illinois
Representative Will Guzzardi Illinois
Senator Don Harmon Illinois
Representative Greg Harris Illinois
Senator Mattie Hunter Illinois
Senator Toi Hutchinson Illinois
Representative Camille Lilly Illinois
Representative Theresa Mah Illinois
Representative Robert Martwick Illinois
Representative Rita Mayfield Illinois
Representative Christian Mitchell Illinois
Representative Anna Moeller Illinois
Senator Kwame Raoul Illinois
Senator Elgie Sims Illinois
Senator Heather Steans Illinois
Representative Juliana Stratton Illinois
Senator Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins Illinois
Representative Litesa Wallace Illinois
Representative Emanuel Welch Illinois
Representative Ann Williams Illinois
Representative Sam Yingling Illinois
Representative Marti Anderson Iowa
Representative Liz Bennett Iowa
Senator Joe Bolkcom Iowa
Representative Vicki Lensing Iowa
Representative Dennis “Boog” Highberger Kansas
Representative Annie Kuether Kansas
Representative Joni Jenkins Kentucky
Representative Mary Lou Marzian Kentucky
Representative Attica Woodson Scott Kentucky
Senator Shenna Bellows Maine
Senator Cathy Breen Maine
Representative Dale Denno Maine
Representative Donna Doore Maine
Representative Michelle Dunphy Maine
Representative Richard Farnsworth Maine
Representative Drew Gattine Maine
Speaker Sara Gideon Maine
Representative James Handy Maine
Representative Erik Jorgensen Maine
Representative Jay McCreight Maine
Senator Rebecca Millett Maine
Senator Dave Miramant Maine
Representative Matt Moonen Maine
Representative Margaret O’Neil Maine
Representative Lois Reckitt Maine
Representative Deane Rykerson Maine
Representative Rachel Talbot Ross Maine
Representative Denise Tepler Maine
Representative Charlotte Warren Maine
Delegate Shelly Hettleman Maryland
Senator Cheryl Kagan Maryland
Delegate Ariana Kelly Maryland
Delegate Robbyn Lewis Maryland
Delegate Karen Lewis Young Maryland
Delegate Brooke Lierman Maryland
Senator Richard S. Madaleno Jr. Maryland
Delegate David Moon Maryland
Delegate Pamela Queen Maryland
Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez Maryland
Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins Maryland
Senator Mike Barrett Massachusetts
Representative Carmine Gentile Massachusetts
Representative Patricia Haddad Massachusetts
Representative Natalie HIggins Massachusetts
Senator Barbara L'Italien Massachusetts
Representative Jack Patrick Lewis Massachusetts
Representative David Linsky Massachusetts
Representative Alice Peisch Massachusetts
Representative Denise Provost Massachusetts
Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich Michigan
Senator Steve Bieda Michigan
Representative Winnie Brinks Michigan
Representative Stephanie Chang Michigan
Representative Pam Faris Michigan
Representative Erika Geiss Michigan
Representative Christine Greig Michigan
Senator Curtis Hertel Michigan
Senator David Knezek Michigan
Representative Kristy Pagan Michigan
Senator Rebekah Warren Michigan
Representative Robert Wittenberg Michigan
Representative Donna Laskinski Michigan
Representative Jeremy Moss Michigan
Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn Minnesota
Representative Raymond Dehn Minnesota
Senator D. Scott Dibble Minnesota
Representative Mike Freiberg Minnesota
Representative Frank Hornstein Minnesota
House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman Minnesota
Representative Fue Lee Minnesota
Representative Carlos Mariani Minnesota
Representative Sandra Masin Minnesota
Representative Erin Maye Quade Minnesota
Representative Rena Moran Minnesota
Representative Liz Olson Minnesota
Representative Ilhan Omar Minnesota
Senator Sandy Pappas Minnesota
Representative Dave Pinto Minnesota
Representative Linda Slocum Minnesota
Representative JoAnn Ward Minnesota
Representative Kathy Sykes Mississippi
Representative Richard Brown Missouri
Representative Stacey Newman Missouri
Representative Sarah Unsicker Missouri
Representative Cora Faith Walker Missouri
Senator Mary Caferro Montana
Representative Mary Ann Dunwell Montana
Representative Ellie Hill-Smith Montana
Representative Jessica Karjala Montana
Representative Andrea Olsen Montana
Senator JP Pomnichowski Montana
Senator Diane Sands Montana
Senator Frank Smith Montana
Senator Sara Howard Nebraska
Assemblymember Amber Joiner Nevada
Senator Julia Ratti Nevada
Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel Nevada
Assemblymember Steven Yeager Nevada
Representative Susan Almy New Hampshire
Representative Debra Altschiller New Hampshire
Representative Christy Bartlett New Hampshire
Representative Amanda Bouldin New Hampshire
Representative Renny Cushing New Hampshire
Representative Edith DesMarais New Hampshire
Representative Charlotte DiLorenzo New Hampshire
Representative Daniel Eaton New Hampshire
Senator Martha Fuller Clark New Hampshire
Representative Chuck Grassie New Hampshire
Representative Timothy Horrigan New Hampshire
Representative Mark King New Hampshire
Representative Peter Leishman New Hampshire
Representative Patricia Lovejoy New Hampshire
Representative Richard McNamara New Hampshire
Representative Sharon Nordgren New Hampshire
Representative Allison Nutting New Hampshire
Representative Lee Oxenham New Hampshire
Representative Marjorie Porter New Hampshire
Representative Katherine Rogers New Hampshire
Representative Cindy Rosenwald New Hampshire
Representative Kris Schultz New Hampshire
Minority Leader Stephen Shurtleff New Hampshire
Representative Ivy Vann New Hampshire
Senator David Watters New Hampshire
Assemblyman Raj Mukherji New Jersey
Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle New Jersey
Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg New Jersey
Representative Deborah Armstrong New Mexico
Senator  Elizabeth Stefanics New Mexico
Senator Mimi Stewart New Mexico
Representative Elizabeth "Liz" Thomson New Mexico
Representative Christine Trujillo New Mexico
Assemblymember David Buchwald New York
Assemblymember Deborah Glick New York
Assemblymember Richard Gottfried New York
Senator Liz Krueger New York
Assemblymember Felix Ortiz New York
Assemblywoman Christine Pellegrino New York
Assemblymember Dan Quart New York
Senator Gustavo Rivera New York
Assemblymember JoAnne Simon New York
Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins New York
Representative John Autry North Carolina
Representative Mary Belk North Carolina
Representative Cecil Brockman North Carolina
Representative Deb Butler North Carolina
Senator Jay Chaudhuri North Carolina
Representative Susan Fisher North Carolina
Senator Valerie Foushee North Carolina
Representative Rosa Gill North Carolina
Representative Pricey Harrison North Carolina
Representative Verla Insko North Carolina
Senator Floyd McKissick North Carolina
Representative Graig Meyer North Carolina
Representative Marcia Morey North Carolina
Representative Bobbi Richardson North Carolina
Senator Terry Van Duyn North Carolina
Senator Mike Woodard North Carolina
Representative Nickie Antonio Ohio
Representative Tavia Galonski Ohio
Representative Stephanie Howse Ohio
Representative Adam Miller Ohio
Representative Kent Smith Ohio
Representative Emilia Strong Sykes Ohio
Representative Thomas West Ohio
Representative Karen Gaddis Oklahoma
Representative Emily Virgin Oklahoma
Representative Julie Fahey Oregon
Senator Lew Frederick Oregon
Senator Sara Gelser Oregon
Representative Pam Marsh Oregon
Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson Oregon
Representative Carla Piluso Oregon
Representative Karin Power Oregon
Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson Oregon
Representative Brad Witt Oregon
Representative Carolyn Committa Pennsylvania
Representative Mary Jo Daley Pennsylvania
Representative Dan Frankel Pennsylvania
Representative Ed Gainey Pennsylvania
Senator Art Haywood Pennsylvania
Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky Pennsylvania
Representative Steve McCarter Pennsylvania
Representative Chris Rabb Pennsylvania
Representative Mike Schlossberg Pennsylvania
Representative Peter Schweyer Pennsylvania
Representative Tim Briggs Pennsylvania
Representative Tina Davis Pennsylvania
Representative Sara Innamorato Pennsylvania
Representative Edith Ajello Rhode Island
Senator Jeanine Calkin Rhode Island
Senator Dawn Euer Rhode Island
Senator Gayle Goldin Rhode Island
Representative Jeremiah O'Grady Rhode Island
Representative Evan Shanley Rhode Island
Representative Teresa Tanzi Rhode Island
Senator Margie Bright Matthews South Carolina
Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter South Carolina
Representative Steven McCleerey South Dakota
Representative Susan Wismer South Dakota
Representative G.A. Hardaway Tennessee
Senator Lee Harris Tennessee
Representative Jessica Farrar Texas
Representative Mary Gonzalez Texas
Representative Elizabeth Weight Utah
Representative Tim Briglin Vermont
Representative Robin Chesnut-Tangerman Vermont
Majority Leader Sarah Copeland-Hanzas Vermont
Representative Diana González Vermont
Representative Maxine Grad Vermont
Majority Leader Jill Krowinski Vermont
Representative James McCullough Vermont
Representative Mike Mrowicki Vermont
Representative Ann Pugh Vermont
Representative Barbara Rachelson Vermont
Representative Valerie Stuart Vermont
Delegate Jennifer Boysko Virginia
Senator Barbara Favola Virginia
Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn Virginia
Delegate Kaye Kory Virginia
Senator Jennifer McClellan Virginia
Delegate Marcia Price Virginia
Delegate Elizabeth Guzman Viriginia
Delegate Mark Keam Viriginia
Representative Eileen Cody Washington
Senator Jeannie Darneille Washington
Representative Beth Doglio Washington
Representative Joe Fitzgibbon Washington
Senator Karen Keiser Washington
Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson Washington
Senator Kevin Ranker Washington
Representative Tana Senn Washington
Representative Derek Stanford Washington
Representative Gael Tarleton Washington
Senator Lisa Wellman Washington
Representative Terese Berceau Wisconsin
Senator Janet Bewley Wisconsin
Senator LaTonya Johnson Wisconsin
Representative Debra Kolste Wisconsin
Senator Chris Larson Wisconsin
Representative Melissa Sargent Wisconsin
Representative Christine Sinicki Wisconsin
Representative Lisa Subeck Wisconsin
Representative Chris Taylor Wisconsin
Representative JoCasta Zamarripa Wisconsin
Minority Floor Leader Cathy Connolly Wyoming

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