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Yenisbel Vilorio

Florida State Director

Before joining the SiX team, Yenisbel “Yeni” Vilorio served as the legislative assistant to Florida State Representatives Marie Woodson and Javier Fernandez. During her time working in the Florida legislature, Yeni collaborated with legislators, staff and other stakeholders such as state agencies, coalition partners, and grassroots organizations across the state and country to advance progressive social, economic, reproductive, and environmental policy. Prior to earning a Master of Social Work degree and working in policy, Yeni held a B.S. in Psychology and several different roles in the healthcare field. Her years of experience doing clinical work fueled her passion for advocacy, policy, community work, and a desire to work towards transformative, systemic change. Yeni is a first-generation Cuban refugee and the product of Miami-Dade County public schools. Coming from a country with countless human rights abuses and growing up in a diverse, working class, immigrant community, she is devoted to building a future that is just, equitable, and inclusive. Outside of work, Yeni enjoys dancing, outdoor activities, and spending time with loved ones.

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