What Should I Post? Building a Social Media Strategy for Legislators
January 21, 2021
Table of Contents

Strategy Prompts

  • What should my social media profile convey at first glance?
    • Should my posts explain, reveal, share, opine?
    • What visuals should be most prominent? (GIFs from popular culture, personal photos, community events, etc. )
    • Is my tone conversational? Formal? How often do I respond to constituents? (This may change depending on the platform.)
    • Who am I aligning myself with? (What organizations, thought leaders, other electeds should I be retweeting or engaging with?)
  • Who is my audience? What content can I uniquely offer them?
  • What parts of my personal life am I comfortable sharing?*
  • What information can I provide that my constituents may not be seeing elsewhere?
  • What issue areas should be reflected on my account?
  • Where is my voice needed? Where can I elevate someone else’s voice?
    • What holidays and commemorative dates do I want to post about?

Tools & Resources

(All of these websites are free to use, but some have premium options for more features.)


Cheatsheet: Help! What Should I Post?

Got time?
  • Write a thread: Explain your priorities for the session or some of the barriers to the work you’re doing.
    • Tip: Use simple language and link to articles that have more information.
  • Compare and contrast to other states
  • Cite a statistic: Use an engaging stat to start a discussion about an issue area.
    • Tip: Find a reliable source (e.g. Guttmacher for repro, Brennan Center for voting rights) and find a stat that captures the importance of the issue. The more localized the stat, the better. (If you have space in the post, credit the source by tagging them—you may get an RT!)
  • On This Day: Use Google Photos or Twitter advanced search to find a photo you took on this day (or thereabouts) in a previous year. Or use OnThisDay.com, Equal Justice Initiative’s calendar, and similar sources to find a societal date or holiday to recognize.
    • Tip: Set a reminder in advance of the date.
  • Tell a constituent story: Share an anonymized (unless you have permission) story about a constituent’s experience or an anecdote about a recurring theme you’re hearing from constituents.
  • Ask a question: Ask your constituents a question—but be prepared for the responses!

Don’t have time?
  • Repost a Tweet: Use Twinsta to repost a recent tweet to Facebook and/or Instagram. In the caption, re-emphasize the messaging in your original tweet or add more insight.
  • Quote an Article: What’s the last great article you read? Pull your favorite quote from it and post. Even better: add a little insight after the quote.
    • Tip: Paste the article’s URL in the Twitter search box, and see who else has posted the article.
  • Respond: Instead of publishing an original tweet, reply to someone else’s tweet.



Webinar Recording

Watch the recording of the webinar here. (The recording password was e-mailed to all webinar registrants. To request access, please e-mail helpdesk@stateinnovation.org.)

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