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As under-resourced public servants, state legislators need support every day of the year.

In many states, legislators are part-time, paid very little (if at all), and required to drop everything to be fully available for their legislative sessions. SiX exists to advance a bold people-centered policy vision in every state in this nation and to fill a gap in the progressive movement: helping legislators succeed after they are elected.


Agriculture & Food Systems

Agriculture & Food Systems is a program that focuses on supporting policies that promote healthy and thriving rural communities through ecologically and socially-responsible agriculture and local, direct-market food systems.
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The Democracy Project

The Democracy Project is a national initiative that empowers and emboldens state legislators to be dynamic advocates for a powerful, inclusive, and participatory democracy.
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The Progressive Governance Academy (PGA)

The Progressive Governance Academy (PGA) is a joint partnership between SiX, Local Progress, and re:power committed to building and developing the leadership and governance skills of state and local elected officials across the country.
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The Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council

The Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council is the country’s only network of state legislators who champion reproductive health, rights, and justice.
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Economic Justice Project

SiX’s new Economic Justice project realizes economic justice policies and deepens our programmatic footprint by further organizing state legislators and movement groups in order to advance policies rooted in economic justice. Legislators and movement partners have looked to SiX to be a visionary convener and driver of change.


Policy Support

Our policy briefs and playbooks present policy solutions, sample legislative language, and messaging guidance.

Online webinars and trainings give legislators and legislative staff the opportunity to learn more about specific policy trends, research and polling, and digital and communication tools. Webinars also enable legislators across the country to join together in a collaborative environment without having to travel.
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State Directors

SiX has on-the-ground State Directors in nine states—Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, and North Carolina— who provide deeply tailored support to legislators, especially on issues of democracy and economy.
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