Board of Directors

NAOMI ABERLY, Women’s Health Advocate

CATHY DUVALL, Principal Advisor, Democracy Ascent LLC

RAJ GOYLE, Co-Founder and CEO, Bodhala

KIRSTEN HARRIS-TALLEY, Program Director, Progress Alliance of Washington

MARY KUSLER, Director of Government Relations, National Education Association (NEA)

ERIN MAYE QUADE, Minnesota State Representative

MICHELLE RINGUETTE, Assistant to the President for Labor, Government Relations & Political Affairs, American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

JOEL ROGERS, Founder, State Innovation Exchange; Sewell-Bascom Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs, and Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Director, Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS)

RICHARD TRUMKA, President, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO)

KATE VILLERS, President and Founder, Community Catalyst

BRIAN WEEKS, Political Director, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)